You can change a child’s future.

Donate to support youth baseball programs in need of resources, and learn how you can have an amazing impact on a kid’s life.

Have a real impact on the lives of kids through youth baseball.

The benefits of adequate equipment and uniforms are endless. Kids get excited to engage in team sports when they put on their own team uniforms and slide their hands into decent gloves. Then, their participation in youth baseball programs leads to real advancements in their personal development, and it doesn’t stop there.

Build strong values

Being part of a team inspires a wealth of values in every child. By equipping these kids with uniforms and adequate gear, we can enable them to learn teamwork, sportsmanship, community, respect, and leadership.

Build strong communities

Today, they’re kids playing baseball. Tomorrow, they’re the leaders of their communities. By making a positive, value-building activity more accessible, we help create a brighter future for the kids and their communities.

Why Central America?

There are many communities throughout Central America that want to offer youth baseball programs but don’t have the resources to support them. This is where we can make a positive impact. Inspired by Mariano Rivera’s story of growing up in a small town in Panama and finding incredible success in the big leagues, our founder chose Panama as our initial focus. In our first year, we proudly provided equipment and uniforms for five youth teams in Panama, and our support grew to 11 teams in our second year. This year we hope to grow to 15 teams – 210 kids!

100% of your donation pays for equipment and uniforms.

We operate entirely online with volunteers. That means we have zero overhead costs, and 100% of your donation can be used to purchase uniforms and equipment.

See your impact through photos and videos.

With your donation, we will take photos and videos of the kids receiving your support, so you can see the joy your generosity brings to these kids.

Your support makes a big difference.

With your support, we identify youth baseball programs in small communities throughout Central America, where we can help make the joy of baseball available to as many kids as possible. Your donation will help us grow!